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Tube Series

Super low power consumption with maximum brightness.
100 Lumens per Watt.
G13 cap fully compatible with conventional lighting structure.
Standard size, easy installation.
Smart thermal design to improve air circulation.
Designed lift hour >41,000 hrs.
Lead/Mercury free, Enviromental friendly, Low-carbon emissions.
Reinforced plastic and metal body.
No UV、infrared radiation, Eye protection.


T8 Tube Series Model No. Color
Temperature (±10%)
Power Consumption Luminance
AV Voltage Dimention 發光範圍 Net

T808V11D0580 Day Light 6000k 8 瓦(±10%) 360Lm AC110V 60cm 180度 250kg.
T808V22D0580 Day Light 6000k 8 瓦(±10%) 320Lm AC110V 60cm 180度 250kg.
T816V11D1198 Day Light 6000k 1 瓦(±10%) 360Lm AC220V 120cm 180度 470kg.
T808V22D0580 Day Light 6000k 4 瓦(±10%) 320Lm AC220V 120cm 180度 470kg.

Safety approval